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History of Monadnock Bed & Breakfast

The land on which Monadnock Bed & Breakfast now stands was part of the homestead of Dr. Lyman Lombard, one of the town's oldest settlers, who moved to this area in 1815.  He died in 1857.  In 1873, about three acres of the Lyman Lombard homestead was sold to his eldest son, Dr. Erasmus D. Lombard, by the rest of the Lombard heirs.  Erasmus died nine years later.  His wife, Minnie, in 1888, was authorized to sell at public auction the homestead of Erasmus D. Lombard.

The homestead was split up and sold at auction.  The land ownership changed hands four times between 1890 and 1914 being bought by George VanDyke, nephew of a local lumber baron, in September 1914.  Within two years, VanDyke had the present house and barn built. Then in November 1918, He and his wife sold it to Harriett L. Gray.

Harriett Gray lived here twenty years and occasionally took in long-term boarders such as new teachers coming into the area to teach at the local Schools.  Harriett Gray sold the property to her niece, Pertie T. Gray in 1938.

From 1938 to 1974, Pertie ran a rooming house here.  Then, after her death in 1974, the property was sold at auction to Milton Adair.  Mr. Adair rented the house out for three years and then sold it in July 1977 to Gerard and Huguette Roy.  The Roys operated a group home for the elderly here until 1985 then they retired.

In May 1987, they sold the property to Wendell and Barbara Woodard and then moved back to their native Quebec.  Barbara started operating the present Mondadnock Bed & Breakfast soon after moving here in 1987.